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See What Our APN Ambassadors Have Been Up To and Meet Some New Faces

By Elaine Perales, Manager, Global Programs at AWS


The APN Ambassador Program is a vibrant worldwide community of technical experts from AWS Partner Network (APN) Consulting and ISV Partners.

APN Ambassadors are prominent leaders who are passionate about sharing their Amazon Web Services (AWS) technical expertise. They author blog posts and whitepapers, create and deliver public presentations, contribute to open source projects, and more.

APN Ambassadors evangelize AWS via social media and facilitate peer-to-peer learning by presenting at conferences, leading workshops, and hosting user group events.

As a result of their membership in the APN Ambassador program, AWS Partner team members can gain advanced knowledge and sharpen their technical delivery best practices.

We’re also excited to announce the APN Ambassador program is now open to ISV Partners who hold either Advanced Tier status or are part of the ISV Partner Path with at least one solution that’s passed a Foundational Technical Review (FTR).

What Have Our APN Ambassadors Been Up To?

Local AWS communities are a vital resource for cloud professionals around the world, and many of these are hosted by APN Ambassadors. Members of local communities look to their leaders to provide guidance and mentorship on how to build AWS skills, solve technical problems, and grow their careers.

Here are several examples of the technical expertise shared by APN Ambassadors across the world.










Meet Our Newest APN Ambassadors

We are proud to introduce more than 40 new APN Ambassadors! More recently in 2020, we launched in three new markets Latin America, Korea, and China!



1. Patrick Li (AC3)

Patrick has been working on AWS since 2007, migrating workloads of all kinds and sizes to the cloud. He focuses on improving workloads in accordance to the AWS Well-Architected Framework, enabling development teams to work better with their operational counterparts.

2. Matt Fellows (DiUS)

Matt is a principal consultant at DiUS and co-founder of the microservices continuous delivery platform Pactflow. He’s a self-described polyglot who enjoys working at the intersection of technology, humans, and ideas. Matt is passionate about giving back to the tech community, sharing learnings at local meetups and conferences, and is a core contributor to the popular Pact microservices testing framework and author of the Muxy chaos testing tool.

3. Júnio Silva (Tigerspike)

Júnio is a full stack engineer at Tigerspike, where he develops digital products for clients following DevOps best practices.

4. Yogesh Sharma (TCS)

Yogesh is an experienced IT professional with 10+ years of experience. He’s a cloud and data enthusiast who is passionate about building Well-Architected cloud-native solutions on AWS. Yogesh is an AWS Community Builder, and has evangelized AWS technologies and solutions via LinkedIn, blogs, meetups, conferences, and AWS events in India, the U.S., and Australia.

5. Tamilselvan Easwaran (Optus)

Tamil is a cloud enthusiast with 7+ years of experience on AWS. He’s passionate about organizational cloud transformation and is currently a solutions architect with Singtel-Optus. Tamil embraces the value the telco-cloud offers in 5G and Edge, and is an active member of Optus Cloud Academy mentoring individuals, sharing blogs, and best practices.

6. Zainab Maleki (Mechanical Rock)

Zainab is a full-stack developer and DevOps engineer at Mechanical Rock where she works with progressive tools and practices like serverless technologies and infrastructure as code. Cloud-native data platforms are her current passion, and Zainab is fast becoming one of Western Australia’s leading practitioners. A regular conference presenter and youth mentor, she’s also passionate about teaching young people the joys of mobile app development.

7. Wayne Hayes (WOLK Technologies)

Wayne is a dedicated and security-focused IT professional with 20+ years of experience in a wide range of environments and technologies. He heads up WOLK Technology’s Well-Architected Review efforts with a view to help all SMB customers in ANZ that use AWS to be Well-Architected.

8. Koustubha Kale (Contino)

Koustubha (KK) is a technical principal at Contino with 25+ years of IT experience who has been building on AWS since 2009. KK enjoys architecting and building cloud-native applications on AWS, and is experienced in FSI regulatory compliance, open banking, APIs, and cloud security.

9. Nanthan Rasiah (Telstra)

Nanthan is an experienced cloud solutions architect with expertise in cloud architecture, security, DevOps, service/data integration and migration, and software design and development. He has 19+ years of experience in digital transformation, and holds a range of industry qualifications, including the AWS Solutions Architect Professional and AWS Security Specialty certifications.

10. Andre Morrison (Lancom Technology)

Andre is an AWS-focused developer and architect who is passionate about helping customers solve problems by leveraging the power of the cloud to deliver powerful solutions.




11. Thomas Smart (Sourced Group)

Thomas is a cloud consultant with Sourced Group in Singapore, specializing in serverless architecture and training. He is passionate about innovation projects and cost-effective rapid prototyping. For the last few years, Thomas has worked almost exclusively on designing, training, and writing about serverless architecture in his new book, Serverless: Beyond the Buzzword, which helps readers better understand how serverless architecture can impact their business and projects.

12. Rahul Natarajan (Accenture)

Rahul is a certified cloud architect with vast experience in the areas of cloud platform engineering, DevSecOps, and site reliability engineering. He leads the Accenture AWS Business Group – Delivery Practice in ASEAN, and helps customers create business value by accelerating adoption of AWS. Rahul is as comfortable with solutions architecture as he is writing Helm charts, Kubernetes manifests, Terraform templates, Ansible playbooks, and scripts.




14. Yipeng Zhao (Wangsu)

Yipeng is the pre-sales director of Wangsu Science & Technology and has an MBA from East China University of Science and Technology. He focuses on providing cloud solutions based on AWS. Yipeng has 15+ years of experience in the IT industry and 8+ years of experience in cloud architecture consulting.

15. Yanfeng Huo (ECCOM)

Yanfeng has 17+ years of IT experience and is keen to use new technology to solve customer problems with unique insights in cloud architecture, DevOps, data science, and other fields. Yanfeng began to support ECCOM’s customers using AWS in 2016 and accompanied dozens of customers along their migration journey, as well as the transformation process of ECCOM itself from a traditional network system integrator to a modern MSP.

16. Yuguang Li (Juyun Technology)

Tony Li (Yuguang Li) is chief architect of Beijing Juyun Technology. He has 8+ years of experience using AWS as a developer and architect. Tony is passionate about cloud technologies, DevOps methodology, and has helped customers build up fully automated container and serverless solutions. He holds five AWS certifications, including Solutions Architect Professional and DevOps Engineer Professional.

17. Chang Yang (VSTECS)

Chang has 9+ years of experience in IT and is responsible for teaching technical courses such as ‘Architecting on AWS’ and ‘System Operations on AWS.’ He has extensive experience in cloud computing, virtualization, hyper-convergence, distributed storage, backup disaster recovery, security solution architecture consulting, design, planning, and implementation. Chang has engaged in various roles while working at a top-ranked IT distributor in Asia Pacific.

18. Kaijun Gao (Light2Cloud)

Kaijun is CTO of Light2Cloud and an expert in enterprise IT services and ITIL. He has 11+ years of experience in both private and public cloud businesses, and has served as a full stack developer and cloud architect. Kaijun is devoted to promoting the enterprise-level MSP services, energizing customers through integrating the excellent solutions of cloud technologies with the complicated practical scenes.

19. Samuel Chen (eCloudvalley)

Samuel is the head of data and analytics at eCloudvalley. He has 10+ years of experience in cloud-native data analytics, full-stack application development, and databases administration across banking, media, and e-commerce industries. Samuel is currently leading a team which provides end-to-end data analytics and data science expertise for customers over ASEAN and the Greater China region.

20. Geral Guo (Silver Lining)

Geral has been in the AWS business at Silver Lining for 5+ years. As a Solution Architect, he is responsible for providing AWS solutions and growing customer relationships. He has completed various projects in different industries, such as health and medical, retail, and manufacturing. Geral has been certified as an AWS Big Data Specialist and AWS Security Specialist.

21. Huafeng Sui (Ultrapower)

Huafeng is CTO at Ultrapower and focuses on cost optimization and value-added services. He has worked as a software developer, network engineer, system engineer, architect, project manager, and technical consultant in telecom, finance, government, and internet sectors. Huafeng is an AWS Certified Solution Architect Professional, AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional, and ITIL Manager.

22. Jerry Wong (eCloudrover)

Jerry is the Director of eCloudrover’s Solution Architect Team. With 10+ years of experience in architecting, application migration, disaster recovery, networking, and security, and as a senior/full-stack AWS architect working on large scale migrations over the past two years, Jerry drives best practice capabilities to ensure any application migrated to AWS is up and running as/beyond expected.




23. Ali El Kontar (Zero&One)

Ali is a seasoned entrepreneur, hungry to learn and passionate about knowledge sharing and education. Ali is the founder of Zero&One, an all-in AWS Advanced Partner. He is an AWS authorized instructor champion and has 10 AWS certifications.

24. Artem Kobrin (NTT DATA)

Artem is a solution architect at NTT DATA with 9+ years of international experience focused on DevOps, security, and networking. He is a customer-focused professional and delivers technology solutions that solve complex challenges. As a member of the cloud transformation team at NTT DATA, Artem works hand-in-hand with customers, empowering them to build a secure and scalable cloud foundation and migrate applications to the cloud.

25. Berkay Ozuygur (Best Cloud for Me)

Berkay is the founder of in Turkey. He has 15+ years of experience in DevOps and site reliability engineering. Berkay has been using AWS since 2012 and has successfully completed 75+ large-scale projects as a solution architect. He is also co-founder and podcast producer at Devopslogy community.

26. Josh Armitage (Contino)

Josh has worked in everything from 400k-person industry behemoths to 10-person startups, and on everything from mainframes to machine learning. For the last few years, he has been plying his trade as a consultant focusing on cloud-native transformations, and trying to make the working world a happier, more fun place.

27. David Webster (Schuberg Philis)

David is a positive person who will bring good energy to any team. He is happiest when building hyper-scaled systems on the cloud that use event-driven architectures. He’s a fan of Linux, DevOps, serverless, Kafka, Kubernetes, big data, machine learning, and tiny bits of quantum computing.

28. Derya Sezen (kloia)

Derya, also knows as Dorian, has been working in the software industry since 2003. He has worked as a solution architect and system administrator at Turkcell Superonline, as Technology Director at Credit Europe Bank, and as CTO at Ciceksepeti. Derya is currently working as a Cloud and DevOps Consultant at kloia, where he was one of the founders.




29. Piyush Jalan (Deloitte)

Piyush is a solution architect with expertise in deploying and architecting hybrid systems with on-premises and cloud components. He has 5+ years of experience with AWS, microservices deployment, containers, and DevOps tools. Piyush has numerous AWS certifications and helps train AWS certification peers. He loves to learn about emerging technologies and always keeps up-to-date with new updates.

30. Somesh Srivasta (Capgemini)

Somesh is a solutions architect at Capgemini Pune, India. With 13+ years of experience in IT and a background in financial services, he has worked on large-scale migration projects for multiple BFSI customers. Somesh holds multiple AWS certifications including the Solutions Architect – Professional. He’s passionate about cloud security and enjoys helping customers to adopt AWS and design solutions that will scale as their business grows.

31. Sanchit Jain (Quantiphi)

Sanchit is a lead architect specializing in AWS at Quantiphi. He has 5+ years of experience in designing and building distributed applications on AWS, and prides himself on conceptualizing to delivery of Well-Architected solutions. Sanchit has sound knowledge of many AWS services, and has extensive experience in setting up a secure and distributed platform using infrastructure as a code. He is a DevSecOps advocate and contributes whenever possible.

32. Rahul Sharma (SourceFuse)

Rahul is a lead member of the DevOps team at SourceFuse and focuses on implementation and best practices. He has helped organizations in migration and application modernization, and has an interest in DevSecOps, containerization, and is well aware of industry compliances such as HIPAA and PCI. Rahul has been contributing to AWS Quick Start solutions and similar open source communities.

33. Aadarsh Sharma (Blazeclan)

Aadarsh is a Cloud Engineer – DevOps at Blazeclan. He is passionate about cloud and has implemented solutions on AWS for various customers. Aadarsh believes in constant learning and has experience in architecting and implementing highly available, scalable, fault-tolerant solutions on AWS. He specializes in DevOps, automation, cloud migrations, and has worked on a wide range of AWS services.




34. SeonBo Shim (Bespin Global)

SeonBo is a software architect for Bespin Global, South Korea. He has 20+ years of experience in the IT industry, leads a team of DevOps and software leaders in finance, telecommunications, e-commerce, and consumer products. SeonBo is currently interested in developing cloud-based IoT and big data platform products faster through Agile Scrum, sharing customer feedback, and accelerating DevOps capabilities.

35. Suyong Ha (MegazoneCloud)

Suyong is a solutions architect at MegazoneCloud. With 10+ years of experiences in architecture design on-premises and cloud, he has played key technical role in number of mass migration projects, SAP on AWS design, and professional support for manufacturing and greenfield customers. Suyong is a core member of the Korea AWS User Group.

36. Sanguk Park (MegazoneCloud)

SangUk Park is a Chief Solutions Architect at MegazoneCloud. He has worked for consulting, design, and architect on AWS Cloud for about 8 years. Currently, SangUk is focusing on DevOps, Container, Security, ML and Cloud Education. He is also leader of AWS Korea User Group and one of Global AWS Community Heroes.




37. Oswaldo Luna (Compucloud)

Oswaldo is a professional services manager and senior cloud solutions architect at Compucloud SAPI de CV. With 9+ years of experience, he focuses on helping customers adopt cloud computing in the IT strategies of their companies, driving innovation and modernization through the use of AWS products and services.

38. Carlos Zambrano (Globant)

Carlos is a driven, engaging, multilingual technical manager highly regarded for defining, designing, and implementing cloud and big data solutions across multiple sectors. He’s an out-of-the-box thinker with expertise in analyzing requirements to determine unique services that meet business needs. Carlos builds high-performing teams that provide superior value, follow up, and control. He thrives in fast-paced, diverse, and collaborative environments.

39. Maria Claudia Marquez (Caleidos)

Claudia is CTO and co-founder of Caleidos. She is passionate about technology and building solutions that have a positive impact on people and organizations. Claudia has a strong software development and infrastructure background, specializing in DevOps. She has worked with banking, retail, automotive, insurance, and education industries, helping them innovate with AWS solutions.

40. Diego Santos (Nextios)

Diego is a Brazilian entrepreneur with 25+ years of technology experience. He is always acting in an innovation and technology role, and is the founder of companies like Fractal, Cybol, Primehost, and Cluster2GO (now Nextios). Diego focuses on helping companies understand their business transformation needs and how to choose and create solutions with the many available technologies in the market.




41. Karthik Nadella (PwC)

Karthik is a senior AWS solution architect at PwC. He has 12+ years of experience working with organizations of all sizes across finance and health sectors. Karthik specializes in large, complex enterprise solutions with an emphasis on modernizing applications to become cloud native. He is a strong proponent of automation.

42. Hemant Javeri (Onica, a Rackspace Technology Company)

Hemant is a customer solution architect at Onica. He has 20+ years of experience in enterprise strategy, digital transformation, and cloud strategy, helping clients achieve successful business outcome on AWS. Hemant has domain expertise in healthcare, finance, and telecom, and is experienced in migration, cloud-native application development, automated configuration management, infrastructure as code, and CI/CD pipelines.

43. Jake Goldfield (Slalom)

Jake is an experienced IT professional focusing on cloud, DevOps, security, and everything-as-code. He’s currently a senior architect at Slalom Build in Toronto. Jake has 10+ years of experience in various domains, including operations, advisory, cloud architecture, adoption, migration, automation, scrum, and Agile methodologies. He is a Certified AWS Solutions Architect Pro, as well as a believer that one’s learning journey never ends.

44. Uday Katakam (Slalom)

Uday is a seasoned IT professional with 16+ years of experience in full stack software engineering and innovative cloud technologies for clients in the public and private sectors. He’s a proven technology professional who understands how to solve complex technical problems and implement innovative cloud-native solutions.

45. Rama Kukkadapu (WWT)

Rama is an AWS solutions architect at World Wide Technology. With 22+ years of experience in the IT industry, he has extensive technical expertise in the finance, insurance, healthcare, and auto sectors. Rama has helped many organizations navigate their cloud journey using AWS services and best practices. He currently holds eight AWS certifications.

46. David Ball (WWT)

David has been in IT for 20+ years and started with virtually no experience beyond creating a spreadsheet while in college. He then progressed through help desk, desktop, and server support realms to the storage, virtualization, and cloud arenas. David holds multiple AWS certifications and provides helpful insight by blogging at and

47. Ross Chernick (PwC)

Ross is a cloud transformation leader at PwC based out of New York. He has 12+ years of experience as a solutions architect in cloud and data center technologies. Ross specializes in designing and building solutions for cloud migrations, infrastructure, DevOps, security, and networking to help clients solve complex challenges. He has five AWS certifications and enjoys educating others in cloud technologies.

48. Patrick Hannah (CloudHesive)

Patrick is the CTO and co-founder of CloudHesive, leading their professional services team and engaging with customers’ technical leadership from inception into transition. Prior to co-founding, Patrick was the senior manager of the cloud engineering team at Pegasystems, and prior to that he spent 8 years at Arise Virtual Solutions, leading the team responsible for their contact center technology platform.

49. Matt Buchner (NTT DATA)

Matt is a senior director of solution architecture at NTT DATA with 14+ years of international experience focused on security. He works with customers to design and implement AWS infrastructure through Agile and rapid-cycle engagements. As a leader of senior architects on the NTT DATA Cloud Transformation team, Matt’s specialties include DevOps transformation and cloud migration, automation, container, and serverless.

50. Isaac Oben (CDW)

Isaac is a Technical Lead and AWS Technology Owner at CDW Managed Services. He has 15+ years of experience architecting, designing, and delivering IT solutions to customers across multiple industries. He works in collaboration with new and existing CDW customers to guide and assist them as they navigate the intricacy of securing, monitoring, and managing their workloads on AWS.


How Do I Become an APN Ambassador?

To learn more and see current APN Ambassadors, visit our APN Ambassador page.

If you are an employee of an AWS Advanced or Premier Tier Partner, hold multiple AWS Certifications, and contribute to the AWS community through public presentations, open source projects, social media, and more, see if you qualify for the APN Ambassador Program.

If you’re an AWS customer and want to contact an APN Ambassador, we’ve listed each APN Ambassador on our website so you can connect with them through their employer.