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890 by Capgemini with AWS: Powering Business Decisions Through an Intelligent Data and Analytics Engine

By Mukesh Jain, CTIO, 890 Global Lead – Capgemini

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A data-powered culture means overcoming difficult challenges such as using analytics solutions to reduce the complexity of stand-alone data.

This is where 890 by Capgemini comes in. As an activator of data analytics, it informs you so that you can speed up decision-making, flex and grow at scale, increase efficiency, automate processes, and make products and services that will truly connect with your customers.

890 by Capgemini is a plug-and-play artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics product hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). It enables users at data-powered organizations to make collaborative business decisions faster and more intuitively—all from a single trusted interface.

AWS enables organizations to leverage their data seamlessly in a scalable, secure, and extensible way.

In addition to industry-leading price performance for analytics services, AWS delivers seamless data movement, scalable data lakes, and purpose-built analytics services. These include access to AI and machine learning (ML) technologies that can run analytics faster and for less other cloud data warehouses.

To add greater value, AWS in collaboration with Capgemini’s best-practice consultancy, helps customers maximize the benefits of AWS Cloud architecture. Capgemini is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner and Managed Service Provider (MSP), and its four-stage approach to platform maturity includes think big, design for industrialization, start small, and scale fast.

With 890 by Capgemini, this process creates a highly scalable, flexible, and mature platform that supports rather than limits operational efficiency and innovation without compromising on performance or cost.

About the Solution

890 by Capgemini brings together a unified combination of data and insights and an execution engine that hosts applications and interfaces to leverage custom and canned algorithms.

It also allows access to unique and proprietary data sources:

  • Makes powerful data analysis available to everyone from multiple external and internal sources.
  • Democratizes the power of data and analytics.
  • Commoditizes data and analytics services.
  • Allows clients to bring their own analytics solutions onto the system.

The vision for 890 by Capgemini is to be the engine that provides seamless integration with data marketplaces. The product enables organizations with end-to-end solutions to harness the power of data with data exchange, insights exchange, and outcome exchange all in one place.

This will enable your transformation journey and that of your customers—from data to analytics, from insights to model management, and to decisioning, all in one place.

This transformation will ultimately:

  • Enable businesses to extract value from their data.
  • Unlock the transformative power of organizational data at scale.
  • Offer powerful, enriched data-to-sets and insights.
  • Operate as accessible, connected, secure, and transformational.
  • Be consumed as a commodity on AWS.
  • Deliver outcomes that help businesses succeed.


Figure 1 – The 890 by Capgemini engine.

You can license 890 by Capgemini and deploy it on AWS to connect with clients’ existing data sources, insights, and datasets. It works as a data activator on top of which organizations can build analytics onto the system.

Available on AWS and with a single interface, 890 by Capgemini puts you at the helm, ready to engage with the kind of insights that deliver real business outcomes.

Get started with pre-curated sector- and domain-specific datasets, pre-built insights, AI- and analytics-based forecasts, and measurable business outcomes to amplify and fast-track delivery of data, insights, and outcomes.

890 by Capgemini provides out-of-the-box capabilities for:

  • Governance, security, compliance, and roles-based access management.
  • An API façade to access data from internal, external, and ad-hoc sources.
  • Seamless exposure to insights and outcomes via APIs.
  • More than 200 ready-to-use AI and analytics solutions from 890 PLAY.

890 by Capgemini Overview

890 by Capgemini provides an end-to-end system to fast track the AI and analytics journey for organizations to move towards data-powered decision cultures.

It provides all of the automation capabilities required within the ecosystem of a data-driven business. This typically includes integrating and exploring data from various sources, coding and building models that leverage the underlying data, deploying those models into staging and production, and serving up results through applications or reports powered by models.

890 by Capgemini provides a central foundation for data-science work, which is an important aspect of a data-science ecosystem. It provides many disparate data science tools designed for each step of the process, and mitigates the tool sprawl which is a common challenge for data science teams.

The entire data modelling process is streamlined through a single pane of glass, empowering you to focus on deriving insights from data and communicating the same to various stakeholders within your business. Features like experiment-based organization and streamlined model deployment help make this work intuitive.

890 by Capgemini also offers the flexibility of open-source tools and scalability of elastic compute resources. It helps to monitor and manage the tools and compute resources for data science work—as this is always evolving—so you keep up with these changes.

The product also adopts best practices of software engineering, such as experiment/solution version control. It helps you collaborate on experiments without losing valuable work along the way with robust role-based access control (RBAC).

890 by Capgemini orchestrates resources within containers and easily aligns with any type of data architecture. The combination of these features allows you to centralize data-science work and compete in a data-driven economy.

Integrating 890 by Capgemini with AWS

890 by Capgemini on AWS is comprised of three key solution components:

  • AWS Data Exchange
  • Amazon S3 as a data backbone
  • AWS purpose-built services for analytics and serverless

AWS Data Exchange

890 by Capgemini integrates with AWS Data Exchange using the service’s partner API suite of AWS Marketplace Discovery API and AWS Data Exchange API to enable users to natively discover, subscribe to, and use third-party data.

Using the Discovery API, Capgemini exposed the entire catalog of over 3,000 data sources from 200+ data providers to 890 by Capgemini users. This enables users to search and filter the catalog and easily find relevant data providers and datasets, as well as their full descriptions and metadata. You can also subscribe to these data products via their AWS account.

By using the AWS Data Exchange API, users can view existing subscribed datasets on AWS Data Exchange, all in one place within 890 by Capgemini

A key aspect of the integration is displaying and notifying users of existing subscriptions from AWS Data Exchange. This helps you avoid duplicate purchasing, which was also accomplished using the AWS Data Exchange API.

890 by Capgemini pulls those subscription details and displays them in the platform, allowing different stakeholders from customer teams to view and start using the data in 890 Data Sandbox.

Amazon S3 as Data Backbone

The 890 by Capgemini architecture ensured the data backbone is configurable for customers to use for a data sandbox. Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) was kept as the default for internal data, external data, and for people who are working on blending the data from these sources.

AWS Purpose-Built Services for Analytics and Serverless

890 by Capgemini on AWS leverages the full power and functionality of purpose-built services on AWS, while on premises it derives its capabilities from the open-source stack.

The 890 team, in close collaboration with the AWS architecture team, enabled an architecture to strategically include AWS services for the majority of provisioned services.

The conceptual architecture below explains the integration of 890 by Capgemini with various AWS services.


Figure 2 – Integration of 890 by Capgemini with various AWS services.

890 by Capgemini on AWS leverages the following AWS services:

The above services seamlessly integrate with different components of the 890 by Capgemini product. Together, they provide a highly efficient capability for collaboration, management, and scalability.

890 Data Exchange

890 Data Exchange brings competitive edge through trusted and curated datasets from a comprehensive ecosystem of third-party data providers combined with your own datasets.

  • Customers ingest data into Amazon S3 from multiple sources.
  • Data is catalogued using AWS Glue crawlers on 890 by Capgemini for easy access.
  • An API endpoint is created for the users to access the data. Access to the data is defined based on user roles, and ensures they have only the required access permissions for the data, based on personas.
  • Users can explore data, subscribe, and add them in their data sandbox for further blending and processing.


Figure 3 – 890 by Capgemini conceptual architecture.

The required datasets from multiple sources could be ingested into Amazon S3 through on-demand subscriptions. Using AWS Glue crawler, these datasets are provided to AWS Glue for the integrations and transformations required.

890 Data Sandbox

Once data is added to 890 Data Sandbox:

  • Data can be queried as required using Amazon Athena, and each of the datasets are available on-demand via API through the Amazon API Gateway.
  • Subscribed datasets are combined in the Data Sandbox, and a virtual copy of the same is generated on Amazon S3.
  • A new Data Sandbox is created for blending the subscribed datasets using the required features.
  • Datasets are then blended using SQL query with common parameters, and the resultant dataset can be accessed on-demand via API.
  • Transformed data can be fetched through APIs for training and building ML models and/or generating actionable business insights.


Figure 4 – 890 Data Sandbox.

890 Analytics Studio

With 890 Analytics Studio, the data can be virtually fetched from any analytics workbenches (like JupyterHub or RStudio) or visualization tools (such as Power BI, Tableau, Qlik Sense, or Amazon QuickSight), or any other software which can fetch data from APIs.


Figure 5 – 890 Analytics Studio.

Inside the 890 Analytics Studio, data scientists can build powerful AI/ML models and the end-to-end machine learning lifecycle could be efficiently managed for building, training, testing, deployment, and validation.

The insights derived from the ML model can be visualized through the dashboard, leading to data-powered decisions.


The vision for 890 by Capgemini is to be the engine that provides seamless integration with data marketplaces. The product enables organizations with end-to-end solutions to harness the power of data with data exchange, insights exchange, and outcome exchange all in one place.

This enables your transformation journey and that of your customers—from data to analytics, from insights to model management, and to decisioning, all in one place.

Leveraging the capability of 890 by Capgemini with AWS, complex business problems can be solved through end-to-end orchestration of data and AI/ML pipelines enabling you to bring data to life and make key decisions with confidence.

The content and opinions in this blog are those of the third-party author and AWS is not responsible for the content or accuracy of this post.


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