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How Cornerstone Built a Full-Fledged Apache Kafka Replication Using Amazon MSK Connect

Cornerstone Consulting Group developed a plugin to simplify migrating on-premises or Amazon EC2 self-managed Apache Kafka clusters to Amazon MSK. The plugin automates MirrorMaker 2 replication, scales connectors, and integrates monitoring and notifications. It supports requirements like zero data loss, minimal code changes, auto-scaling, and performance/security parity. The plugin eases complex setup steps, working seamlessly for a smooth cutover to Amazon MSK after replication completes.

Unlocking the Power of SaaS: Explore the New SaaS on AWS Content Hub for Best Practices and Resources

The new SaaS on AWS hub is a dynamic platform that serves as your one-stop destination for navigating the intricate landscape of building, launching, and managing SaaS applications on AWS. As you embark on your SaaS cloud journey, you’ll encounter a myriad of challenges, from crafting scalable architectures to fine-tuning performance and enhancing customer retention. SaaS on AWS is designed to accompany you through every step of this transformative process.

Migrate Sensitive Digital Assets to AWS with Eviden Data Sovereignty Solutions

Many European customers face data sovereignty challenges due to regulations and want to adopt cloud while meeting requirements around data location, autonomy, and resilience. Eviden’s advisory services help define a tailored sovereignty framework. Its implementation services with AWS enforce technical, operational, and organizational compliance. Eviden guides customers’ full cloud journey adhering to their sovereignty needs leveraging AWS services.


Using Amazon Security Lake with New Relic for Threat Detection and Incident Response

Amazon Security Lake centralizes security data from multiple AWS sources into a customer-owned data lake. A New Relic integration provides a single pane for performance and security telemetry, ingests Amazon Security Lake data, and allows threat detection via curated dashboards and anomaly alerts. This solution improves cloud security posture by consolidating data, providing insights, and enabling automated response to potential threats.


How to Use ThoughtSpot to Create Live Queries Against Amazon Athena Tables

Amazon Athena allows analyzing petabytes of data directly with SQL queries or via analytics tools like ThoughtSpot. This post covers creating an IAM access key, two Amazon S3 buckets (one for data storage, one for query results), creating an Amazon Athena table from sample data using an AWS Glue crawler, and establishing a connection between Athena and ThoughtSpot. With the connection, ThoughtSpot can search and visualize the Athena data using AI capabilities.


Harnessing HERE Explore Truck Map Style and Amazon Location Service for Large Vehicle Transportation

In the transportation and logistics industry, navigating large vehicles comes with challenges like bridge heights, travel restrictions, and compliance. A previous AWS blog explored efficient truck routing using Amazon Location Service and HERE Technologies. This new post explores the HERE Explore Truck map styles to help visualize routes in real-time. By combining this style with Amazon Location Service, companies can leverage safe, efficient, and compliant routing for improved fleet operations.

Best Practices from Quantiphi for Unleashing Generative AI Functionality by Fine-Tuning LLMs

Fine-tuning large language models (LLMs) is crucial for leveraging their full potential across industries. Quantiphi unveils how fine-tuning supercharges LLMs to deliver domain-specific AI solutions that redefine possibilities. From personalized healthcare to precise financial predictions and streamlined legal reviews, fine-tuned models offer transformative value and unleash the power of customized, efficient, and responsible generative AI deployments.


How Ness Digital Engineering Replatformed and Modernized Instinet’s Trading System

Instinet is a SaaS-based solution that Ness Digital Engineering built on AWS for the trading and finance industry. It provides technologically advanced brokerage services and helps institutional investors improve performance by reducing complexity and costs. The solution modernized Instinet’s trade processing and solved challenges with Instinet’s previous on-premises, batch-driven architecture.

KINEXON and AWS Are Pioneering Player Tracking Technology Tailored for Women’s Sports 

Women’s sports have lacked access to data analytics geared towards enhancing their performance. AWS and KINEXON collaborated to develop player tracking technology tailored for women, with key innovations including personalized load management plans based on an athlete’s cycle. This helps establish meaningful performance thresholds derived from data, and build a supportive community to advance equality through sports technology specifically designed for women.

Building a Scalable DICOM Ingestion Pipeline for AWS HealthImaging with CitiusTech

AWS HealthImaging is a new HIPAA-eligible service for storing, analyzing, and sharing medical imaging data securely in the cloud. CitiusTech developed a solution leveraging AWS services like HealthImaging to automate ingesting DICOM data. It scans for malware, validates DICOM files, copies clean images to HealthImaging for storage, and notifies users. Healthcare providers can easily migrate imaging workloads to realize improved accessibility and cost-efficiency.