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AWS Partner Generative AI Playbook, Partner Marketing Kits, Customer Journey Insights, and Market Data

AWS launched a Generative AI Center of Excellence to help partners keep pace with rapid advancements in generative AI. The CoE provides exclusive resources like playbooks, trainings, and marketing assets to educate partners on building solutions using AWS generative AI services. We’ll continue adding generative AI resources to accelerate strategies that enable partners to help customers adopt generative AI securely, responsibly, and cost-effectively.

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Say Hello to 198 AWS Specialization Partners Added or Renewed in November

We are excited to highlight 198 AWS Partners that received new or renewed specializations in November for our global AWS Competency, AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP), AWS Service Delivery, and AWS Service Ready programs. These designations span workload, solution, and industry, and help AWS customers identify top AWS Partners that can deliver on core business objectives. AWS Partners are focused on your success, helping customers take full advantage of the business benefits AWS has to offer.


Validating Cost Data for Amazon EKS with Kubecost and AWS Cost Explorer

Kubecost provides granular visibility into Kubernetes cluster costs on AWS, enabling easy comparison with AWS Cost Explorer. This post guides users through validating Kubecost cost data against AWS billing, troubleshooting discrepancies, and ensuring complete resource discovery. It covers aggregating costs in Kubecost dashboards, filtering to compare specific assets, reconciling adjusted pricing, and using CSV exports for programmatic validation.


Trellix vIPS and AWS Gateway Load Balancer Integrate for a Next-Gen Intrusion Prevention System

As enterprises migrate to the cloud, advanced cybersecurity solutions are essential to prevent sophisticated attacks. Trellix’s virtual intrusion prevention system (vIPS) integrates with AWS Gateway Load Balancer to provide real-time threat detection and prevention. Utilizing techniques like behavioral analysis and signatureless detection, Trellix vIPS helps secure VPCs against evolving threats. As an AWS Specialization Partner, Trellix enables resilience against cyberattacks for customers’ cloud environments.


How a Global Technology Firm Realized Up to 25% Cost Savings on Amazon EMR with Pepperdata

A global technology firm migrated its massive on-premises Apache Hadoop data center to Amazon EMR and achieved major cost savings and capabilities. By deploying Pepperdata’s optimization software, which works in real-time to maximize resource utilization, the firm achieved nearly 25% additional cost reduction on top of its Amazon EMR savings, without any code changes or manual tuning. Learn how Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer rapidly identifies existing nodes where more jobs could be completed.

Building a No-Code Business Intelligence Platform for Custom Data Analytics at Scale with Shipsy

Shipsy is an AWS Partner and AI-powered logistics management platform that streamlines supply chain operations. Shipsy’s business intelligence platform leverages AWS to deliver a robust, cost-effective analytics infrastructure that provides rapid, reliable insights from operational data. It enables powerful visualization and equips businesses with the tools needed to evaluate performance and boost data-driven decision making.


Generative AI Assistants Enhance Productivity and Personalize the Self-Service Employee Experience

Organizations face challenges managing and sharing knowledge. Traditionally, employees waste time searching documents or asking experts for guidance. AI assistants address this by quickly providing relevant, personalized responses. As Cognizant’s HR assistant use case shows, generative AI solutions enable self-service access to tailored knowledge that can reshape workplace efficiency by streamlining processes, reducing response times, and empowering employees.


Power Your Data Movement with Amazon Redshift Serverless and Fivetran Integration

Fivetran and Amazon Redshift Serverless help companies integrate data from various sources into a centralized data warehouse. This allows for automated data movement, transformation, and scalability without infrastructure management. Together, Amazon Redshift Serverless and Fivetran offer connectors to over 250 data sources and reliable analytics so organizations can make better data-driven decisions.


Revolutionizing Retail with Vinculum’s Multi-Tenant Microservices SaaS Architecture on AWS

Today’s retail customers are tech-savvy and seek convenience and flexibility from the ecommerce ecosystem. Vinculum, a global software provider, plays a vital role in empowering retail customers with its powerful SaaS products that are available for the entire retail value chain. Vinculum’s Vin eRetail solution offers the capability to syndicate product information and digital assets across various webstores, marketplaces, and other sales channels.


How Product Manufacturers Increase Profits and Sustainability with AWS and aPriori

Manufacturers are adopting cloud solutions such as digital twins to gain new insights with existing data, improve collaboration, increase automation, gain detailed insights to reduce CO2 emissions, and increase efficiencies across product design. Learn how aPriori’s Manufacturing Insights Platform hosted on AWS provides an end-to-end digital twin solution empowering manufacturers to unlock and identify new opportunities rapidly for innovation, growth, cost savings, and sustainability.