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Implementing a Snowflake-Centric Data Mesh on AWS for Scalability and Autonomy

A data mesh architecture is a relatively new approach to managing data in large organizations, aimed at improving scalability, agility, and autonomy of data teams. There’s a need for an architecture that removes complexity and friction of provisioning and managing the lifecycle of data. This post outlines an approach to implement a data mesh with Snowflake as the data platform and with many AWS services like to support all pillars of the data mesh architecture.


Integrating Mainframe Workloads into Your AWS Migration and Modernization Journey with OpenLegacy

Legacy technologies can be challenging to maintain and integrate with modern applications, channels, and architectures. Modernizing such systems requires specialized expertise to decouple and expose core architecture, and a carefully planned approach to minimize risks, control costs, and ensure success. Learn how OpenLegacy helps enterprises untangle monolithic core systems with its integration technology to build APIs from legacy assets like mainframes and midrange systems.


Application Resiliency and Simplified Migrations to AWS with Veritas Application Mobility Service

Being able to plan for and recover from downtime is a key factor for businesses to consider, as we all become more reliant on technology to live, work, and play. Learn how the Veritas Alta Enterprise Resiliency offering provides businesses with a robust enterprise-ready solution to achieve resiliency and continuity. We’ll also discuss the Application Mobility Service, a new component of Veritas Alta Application Resiliency that can help accelerate and simplify customer migrations to AWS.

Leapfrog from CentOS 7.9 to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.9 with Convert2RHEL and Leapp Utilities on AWS

While implementing a new OS may seem tedious, it presents an opportunity to reassess your organization’s needs, and this overview discusses key benefits of migrating to Red Hat Enterprise Linux from CentOS Linux. The ‘convert2rhel’ utility converts a CentOS 7.9 or CentOS 8 instances in-place to RHEL 7.9 or RHEL 8 instance. The Leapp utility converts the RHEL 7.9 instance to a RHEL 8.9, and Red Hat publishes lifecycle dates for RHEL. Note that RHEL 8 will continue to receive updates until May 31, 2029.


Automated Cloud-to-Edge Deployment of Industrial AI Models with Siemens Industrial Edge

Data is transforming the manufacturing industry with use cases that reach from real-time performance monitoring of machines and equipment to optimized planning of workforces, tasks, and production configurations. Learn how the Siemens Industrial Edge enables users to easily and securely deploy models developed on AWS to the edge. We’ll also demonstrate how AWS services can be used to orchestrate the packaging and provisioning and deployment using Siemens Industrial Edge capabilities.

Empowering Researchers to Run HPC Workloads on AWS with Research Gateway

Modern scientific research depends heavily on processing large-scale datasets which requires elastic, scalable, easy-to-use, and cost-effective computing resources. Research Gateway from Relevance Lab simplifies access to HPC clusters using a self-service portal, making provisioning and configuration of an elastic cluster easy for researchers. This helps them focus on the research itself, while leveraging AWS ParallelCluster for their scientific computing.

Securing 5G Core Applications on AWS Snowball Edge with Palo Alto Networks

The security pillar of the AWS Well-Architected Framework describes how to take advantage of cloud technologies to protect data, systems, and assets in a way that improves security posture. The security pillar doesn’t just apply to AWS regions and Availability Zones but also to hybrid cloud solutions on premises. In this post, we’ll focus on security using AWS Snowball Edge and how Palo Alto Network’s VM-Series firewall is deployed and configured to secure access to a 5G core application providing cellular 5G connectivity.

How to Streamline HITRUST Compliance with AWS and A-LIGN

Originally focused on healthcare, HITRUST is now used by organizations across industries to demonstrate regulatory compliance and risk management to a global audience. Learn how organizations can enhance the efficiency of their HITRUST compliance with A-LIGN’s compliance automation platform. A-SCEND integrates with AWS to automate evidence collection and continuously monitor cloud security in accordance with Center for Internet Security benchmarks.


Revolutionizing SAP Payment Reconciliation with EPI-USE ERP PAY on AWS

Learn how EPI-USE ERP PAY provides end-to-end automated reconciliation to SAP with a consolidated view on all external digital payment touchpoints in the organization. EPI-USE ERP Pay is designed and built by EPI-USE Payment Services to address these challenges for SAP clients without the need to change Payment Service Providers or introduce additional software in the client landscape. The AWS SDK for SAP ABAP supports SAP NetWeaver ABAP version 7.4 and above.

Amplifying Business Process Automations with UiPath and Amazon SageMaker

Organizations are increasingly turning to intelligent automation technologies to streamline their business processes and improve efficiency. Learn how UiPath Business Automation Platform and Amazon SageMaker can be integrated to help businesses automate complex processes, improve decision making, and drive innovation by leveraging the power of AI. The solution allows customers to bring machine learning inference from SageMaker directly into their business automation.