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Implement High-Quality Chatbot Solutions with AWS Conversational AI Competency Partners

By Victor Rojo, Tech Lead, Conversational AI Competency Program – AWS
By Chris Butler, Sr. Launch Product Manager – AWS

Today’s users prefer to interact with businesses across digital channels. As the demand for conversational AI (CAI) interfaces continues to grow, organizations of all sizes are developing chatbots, voice assistants, and interactive voice response (IVR) solutions to increase user satisfaction, reduce operational costs, and streamline business processes.

Beyond customer service, conversational AI interfaces are also used across a wide variety of industry segments and use cases; for example, triaging medical symptoms, booking an appointment, transferring money, or signing up for a new account.

But building a high-quality conversational AI interface can be challenging, given the free-form nature of communications, where users can say or write whatever they like.

To support this journey, we’re excited to announce the new AWS Conversational AI Competency, which helps enterprises implement high-quality, highly effective chatbot, virtual assistant, and IVR solutions through the expertise of AWS Partners.

AWS Conversational AI Competency Partners support customers in: selecting use cases and defining Natural Language Understanding (NLU) intents and training phrases; designing effective conversational flows; integrating backend services; and testing, monitoring, and measuring in an iterative approach.

The initial AWS Conversational AI Competency launch partners include Accenture, Cation Consulting, Cognigy, Deloitte, NeuraFlash, NLX, Quantiphi, ServisBOT, TensorIoT, VoiceFoundry, and XAPP AI.


Launch Partner Showcase

The AWS Competency Program is designed to highlight AWS Partners who have demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success in specialized solution areas.

We invite you to explore the Conversational AI Partner offerings recommended by AWS:



Accenture’s Conversational AI Platform is a middleware solution for building and operating robust and comprehensive conversational AI solutions, including virtual agents, chatbots, and voice assistants. It allows organizations to manage the end-to-end lifecycle of a conversational AI solution, with modules for bot design, execution, analytics, and agent escalation, as well as a library of pre-built, industry-specific experiences to accelerate development.

Cation Consulting

Cation Consulting, the maker of the platform, uses natural language conversational AI to build multilingual, multi-channel solutions. Cation enables high-value customer interactions, at a lower cost, through enterprise chatbots and live chat with AI-powered agent-assist capabilities.

Cation Consulting helped Ryanair build a chatbot that improves its customer support experience, helping customers find answers quickly and easily. They also helped implement a highly advanced chatbot for onboarding new accounts that incorporates image recognition and document processing to speed up the process by analyzing a customer’s driver’s license and previous policy documentation.


Cognigy.AI is a conversational AI platform that enables enterprises to have natural language conversations with their users on any channel—webchat, SMS, voice, and mobile apps—and any language. Cognigy.AI powers intelligent voice and chatbots that communicate consistently and accurately beyond simple FAQs, resulting in reduced contact center costs and increased efficiency while improving the user experience. Cognigy’s worldwide client portfolio includes a global auto manufacturer, global airline, global appliance manufacturer, and more.


As an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner, Deloitte is one of the leading service providers in the design, delivery, implementation, and scalability of high ROI conversational experiences across industries. Deloitte’s global CAI experts deliver solutions that are highly personalized, context-aware, and designed to serve users any time, any place, and on any device.

Deloitte has implemented CAI solutions for Fortune 500 enterprises across the financial services, hospitality, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, healthcare, and utility spaces.


NeuraFlash is an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner with experience in the voice and automation space. NeuraFlash builds seamless, end-to-end solutions powered by AI, and helps customers leverage the power of AWS in their contact centers. NeuraFlash supports customer experience transformation with a wide range of products and professional services.


Conversations by NLX enables companies to transform customer contact into personalized customer self-service. The NLX platform allows non-technical users to build and manage chat, voice, and multimodal conversational experiences, helping brands track and elevate self-service into a strategic asset. NLX customers include a global drink manufacturer, a leading international airline, and more.


Quantiphi’s conversational AI solutions consist of chatbots, conversational interfaces, and virtual agents that help organizations exceed rising customer expectations and perform smart customer service at scale across channels. Quantiphi’s conversational AI suite enables organizations to offer intelligent customer propositions suited to their industry.

Offerings include customer onboarding, personal banking assistance, insurance claim processing, educational tutoring, assistive chatbots for healthcare, and more.


Build and manage self-service chatbots and voice assistants, faster and easier with ServisBOT’s conversational AI platform. ServisBOT provides tools for building and optimizing advanced solutions, including covering multi-bot environments, security, backend integrations, and analytics. The platform also offers low-code tooling, blueprints, and reusable components for business users.

ServisBOT’s customers include a global financial services corporation, a global insurance firm, a government agency, and more.


Leveraging the latest in AWS conversational AI technology, TensorIoT delivers comprehensive customized conversational solutions, including contact center intelligence (CCI), Alexa apps, Amazon Lex chatbots, and other applications. TensorIoT’s conversational UX designers ensure that solutions have a natural flow that enhances the customer experience and supports agents.

Customers include a global credit reporting company, a national music retailer, and more.


Informed by over 400 client engagements, VoiceFoundry, a TTEC Digital Company’s, automated chatbot implementation results in a fully customizable bot that automates, streamlines, and improves the chat experience for your customers and agents. By replacing time-consuming manual chat processes with automated chatbots, you can provide a fast and easy means of communication for both your internal work groups and external customers.


XAPP AI’s Optimal Conversation Studio is an automated knowledge capture and curation platform for developing virtual assistants and intelligent search solutions. OC Studio combines the power of intelligent search (Amazon Kendra) to answer informational questions and conversational AI (Amazon Lex) to understand and respond to intentional requests. Supported channels include web chat, website search, text, social, smart speakers, and conversational IVR.

Optimal Conversations for SMBs is a partner-ready, self-service solution that makes it easy for SMB Service Providers to add AI-powered search and chat solutions to their SaaS offerings.

Customers: Learn About AWS Competency Partners

AWS Conversational AI Competency Partners make it easier for customers to deploy high quality, highly effective chatbots, voice assistants, and IVR, while accelerating time to market.

Learn more about conversational AI use cases or explore our AWS Conversational AI Competency Partners for more information.

Partners: Become an AWS Competency Partner

AWS Partners with experience developing conversational AI solutions can learn more about becoming an AWS Competency Partner.

In addition to AWS Competency benefits, Conversational AI Competency Partners receive joint go-to-market benefits to drive co-sell opportunities and wins.

The application will be available in AWS Partner Central in January 2023. For more information, reach out to