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Building a Real World Evidence Platform on AWS

Deriving insights from large datasets is central to nearly every industry, and life sciences is no exception. To combat the rising cost of bringing drugs to market, pharmaceutical companies are looking for ways to optimize their drug development processes. They are turning to big data analytics to better quantify the effect that their drug compounds […]

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Analyze OpenFDA Data in R with Amazon S3 and Amazon Athena

One of the great benefits of Amazon S3 is the ability to host, share, or consume public data sets. This provides transparency into data to which an external data scientist or developer might not normally have access. By exposing the data to the public, you can glean many insights that would have been difficult with […]

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Build a Healthcare Data Warehouse Using Amazon EMR, Amazon Redshift, AWS Lambda, and OMOP

In the healthcare field, data comes in all shapes and sizes. Despite efforts to standardize terminology, some concepts (e.g., blood glucose) are still often depicted in different ways. This post demonstrates how to convert an openly available dataset called MIMIC-III, which consists of de-identified medical data for about 40,000 patients, into an open source data […]

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Will Spark Power the Data behind Precision Medicine?

Christopher Crosbie is a Healthcare and Life Science Solutions Architect with Amazon Web Services. This post was co-authored by Ujjwal Ratan, a Solutions Architect with Amazon Web Services. ——————————— “And that’s the promise of precision medicine — delivering the right treatments, at the right time, every time to the right person.“ (President Obama, 2015 State […]

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Extending Seven Bridges Genomics with Amazon Redshift and R

Christopher Crosbie is a Healthcare and Life Science Solutions Architect with Amazon Web Services The article was co-authored by Zeynep Onder, Scientist, Seven Bridges Genomics, an AWS Advanced Technology Partner. “ACTGCTTCGACTCGGGTCCA” That is probably not a coding language readily understood by many reading this blog post, but it is a programming framework that defines all […]

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