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Low code workflows with AWS Elemental MediaConvert

AWS Elemental MediaConvert provides broadcast-grade video and audio file transcoding that customers can automate with code to suit their media workflows. With optimized integration for AWS Step Functions in MediaConvert, it is now possible to orchestrate using the low-code visual tool Workflow Studio. This makes building and customizing media workflows accessible even with limited coding experience. This blog post […]

Discover, visualize, and monitor your live video workflows on AWS

Introduction If you broadcast, stream, or distribute live video in the cloud, chances are you’ve spent time building, testing, and securing your workflows. Amazon Web Services (AWS) makes these tasks easy, so you can deliver high-quality experiences to your viewers. But how much time have you spent with the ongoing monitoring of your workflows? If […]

Next-generation AWS Elemental Live hardware unlocks new possibilities for video workflows

Introduction Amazon Web Services (AWS) and AWS Elemental have long-committed to providing the most versatile and feature-complete line of physical encoding appliances for our customers to use in their own data centers and technical operations centers (TOCs). We are pleased to announce that this commitment continues with the release of the next generation of AWS […]

Create 4K and 8K linear channels with AWS Elemental MediaTailor Channel Assembly

Do you have existing 4K or 8K video-on-demand (VOD) assets that you would like to turn into linear channels? What are the challenges or obstacles preventing you from doing so? AWS Elemental MediaTailor Channel Assembly makes it easy for customers to add 4K linear channels to their lineup without incurring the high cost of purchasing […]

AWS supports the second multi-partner live cloud production interoperability workshop

In April 2022, Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched the Live Cloud Production (LCP) Initiative with the objective of bridging technology gaps and expanding our broadcast solution portfolio in collaboration with AWS Partners. The aim is to deliver outcomes that benefit our current and future partners, customers, and the M&E community as a whole. In the […]

Highlighting modern innovations in cloud-based broadcast production at Inter BEE 2023

This blog was co-authored by Daniel Kamhaji, Associate Product Manager & Product Application Engineer, Waves Audio Ltd. Introduction In this blog post, we delve into innovations in cloud-based broadcast production as showcased by Amazon Web Services (AWS) Japan at Inter BEE, held at Makuhari Messe November 15—17, 2023. We explore the technologies and collaborations shaping […]

New Zealand Cricket taps Imagen and AWS to score big with fans and partners

Cricket’s fanbase is burgeoning worldwide, especially with the sport returning to the Summer Games in 2028 for the first time since 1900. While the bat-and-ball game is popular in the UK, Australia, India, and South Africa, New Zealanders have also developed a passion for it, thanks to efforts by New Zealand Cricket (NZC). This governing […]

Advancing Next Gen Stats: 2024 Big Data Bowl analyzes tackling performance across the NFL

If you’re a professional or aspiring amateur data scientist, the Big Data Bowl should be on your radar. This annual competition, now in its sixth year, provides an open platform for engineers, data scientists, students, and analytics enthusiasts worldwide to get involved in football analytics—whether or not they have any sports experience. The Big Data Bowl […]

Analyze content using AWS Elemental MediaLive thumbnails with Amazon Rekognition

Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently launched a Thumbnail Image Preview feature as part of the AWS Elemental MediaLive service. This new feature not only provides a mechanism for quality control of live content, but also enables integration with media analysis services, like Amazon Rekognition, to automate content review and validate workflows. MediaLive automatically generates thumbnails […]

How to modify an incoming audio source using AWS Elemental MediaLive

Audio is a crucial component in media, elevating content beyond the visual and evoking a wide range of emotions. However, misconfiguring audio can negatively impact how your audience perceives and comprehends your content, resulting in a subpar user experience. Therefore, it’s essential to configure audio correctly in media to ensure your content is fully appreciated. […]