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Hulu’s Use of Messaging for Real-time User Engagement (AWS on Twitch)

In this episode of Tim Bray & Friends, AWS Pinpoint Sr. Product Manager Georgie Mathews walks through the features and use cases of Pinpoint, a messaging service empowering marketers to send targeted messages to specific customers and segments through a simple console.  He then dives deep into why and how Amazon Music and Hulu are using Pinpoint to […]

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Modernized Architecture for Cloud-Based Media Supply Chains From Fox and Turner

The Fox Network Engineering and Operations group collects, prepares, and packages all incoming media for multiplatform distribution, and creates the substantial infrastructure that supports this distribution. In conjunction with SDVI Corporation, the group has created an AWS-resident resource management system to share media processing workloads across the group’s existing facility, a private cloud, and AWS; […]

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