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LOGIC simplifies remote production with AWS Elemental Link UHD

As content providers look to streamline their video workflows, the expert media infrastructure architects at LOGIC are helping customers realize their visions via its PORTAL solution for remote orchestration. Built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), PORTAL simplifies the implementation of cloud-based media workflows by serving as an abstraction layer for AWS solutions. LOGIC customers, primarily […]

Building a Digital Athlete: Using AI to rewrite the playbook on NFL player safety

Just as National Football League (NFL) players train and practice to constantly improve, the NFL continually seeks new ways to make the game safer for its players, and more exciting for fans. A key element of this effort is development of the Digital Athlete, a joint effort between the NFL and Amazon Web Services (AWS) […]

Choosing the ideal origin for live media & entertainment workflows

Introduction Are you in the Media & Entertainment (M&E) industry using AWS Elemental services to provide efficient streaming and live content to your customers? Have you been looking for information on different media origin offerings for your content distribution workflows? This blog discusses the primary media origins for media and entertainment workloads, along with technical […]

Create super resolution for legacy media content at scale with generative AI and AWS

Introduction Today, media and entertainment companies own a large number of legacy media content that was created in low or standard resolutions before high-resolution technology was available—for instance, movies, television shows, music videos, and sports highlight clips. Given today’s advancements in display technology, it’s common for audiences to demand video content to be delivered in […]

Create Fan360 data products on AWS

Introduction The blog post Better understand sports fan data with Fan360 on AWS introduces how a Fan360 data mesh architecture can help sport entities enrich insights through data collaboration within the organization, with third parties, partners, and sponsors. Insights and collaboration can be used to build new avenues for monetization. Creating an effective data product in your Fan360 data […]

Better understand sports fan data with Fan360 on AWS

Introduction Companies and businesses of all sizes across industries now consider acquiring data-driven insights from their customer base as a key priority. Sports entities (teams, leagues, sport broadcasters and partners) are no different. Understanding their global, diverse, and distributed fan-bases is critical to their business strategies. Sports fans interact with their favorite sports and teams […]

How Wonder Dynamics is accelerating creativity with AWS

Technological advancements are unlocking new, more accessible and cost-efficient ways to create stunning visual effects (VFX) usually reserved for blockbuster film budgets. Among the tools changing the game is an artificial intelligence (AI) content creation platform from Wonder Dynamics called Wonder Studio, which allows creators to quickly and easily composite a stylized computer generated (CG) […]

AWS introduces Open Job Description for render pipelines

New open standard aims to make render jobs portable across any rendering pipeline Today, Amazon Web Services (AWS) introduces Open Job Description (OpenJD), a new, flexible, open specification for defining render jobs to be portable between studios and render solutions. Render pipelines can vary widely depending upon project, technology, and administrative decisions. OpenJD is designed […]

AWS and NHL unveil new NHL EDGE IQ Ice Tilt metric to help measure momentum during the game

Ice Tilt helps crack the code on how action on the ice translates to momentum shifts within the game While traditional stats like goals scored and save percentage are straightforward to track, more nuanced aspects of a hockey game have been deemed immeasurable – until now. For the first time ever, the National Hockey League […]

Race to the Cloud demo with car and driver

M&E and Sports at re:Invent 2023

From the Rec Center at Mandalay Bay to the AWS for Industries Pavilion at the Venetian, the influence of Media & Entertainment (M&E), and Sports was readily apparent at AWS re:Invent 2023. Held November 27 – December 1 in Las Vegas, the annual AWS event welcomed attendees from around the world to learn from AWS […]