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Wednesday, December 1: Media & Entertainment sessions at re:Invent

The following are a selection of sessions scheduled for Wednesday, December 1st relevant for media and entertainment customers at re:Invent. Find the full curated M&E Attendee guide here and learn more about the AWS for M&E points of presence in this post.

Please double-check the AWS re:Invent event catalog to confirm the date/time/venue for your session!

8:30 – 9:30 AM

ADM303 Best practices for cloud-based real-time ad platforms (Chalk Talk)

  • In this technical chalk talk for architects, engineering leaders, and infrastructure teams, learn from AWS industry experts how to achieve unmatched performance and cost efficiency for cloud-based, real-time bidding and ad serving. Discover purpose-built infrastructure solutions for real-time advertising, with recommendations on cloud-native architecture, networking, and compute selection—including tips for using AWS Auto Scaling, AWS Graviton2 processors, Amazon EC2 Spot Instances, and Aerospike. Reconsider common myths about OpenRTB in the cloud and discuss pitfalls to avoid. Take away a playbook of customer examples, reference architectures, and solutions to help you optimize cost performance for ultra-low-latency, million-plus-queries-per-second workloads.
  • Level 1, Forum 104, Caesars Forum

DAT336 Fast-forward database & analytics migrations to AWS with Amazon DMA (Breakout)

  • Amazon Database Migration Accelerator (Amazon DMA) accelerates database and analytics (DB&A) workload migrations to AWS with hands-on-keyboard service. In this session, learn about the specialized DMA team, the three migration pillars they deliver, migration tools and patterns, migration steps, when/how to engage with the team, and how the DMA team is accelerating DB&A migrations to AWS. Learn about how DMA can be leveraged in ProServ or AWS Partner engagements along with AWS program alignment to the Database Freedom program, AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP), and AWS Data Labs. Also, hear details on migration tools like AWS DMS and AWS SCT.
  • Level 5, Palazzo C, Venetian

9:15 – 10:15 AM

CMP217-S Build smarter applications on Verizon 5G Edge with AWS Wavelength (sponsored by Verizon) (Breakout)

  • As enterprises look to provide latency-critical resources closer to their end users, containerized edge computing architectures will be critical to unlocking seamless orchestration at an unforeseen scale. In collaboration with AWS, Verizon 5G Edge offers a mobile edge computing platform that enables developers to extend existing virtual private cloud (VPC) environments to the edge of its 5G infrastructure to deploy compute-intensive workloads. In this session, learn about the common architecture patterns on hybrid edge/core implementations and practical solutions for workload distribution, edge discovery, and more. This presentation is brought to you by Verizon, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Elise Neel (Verizon) and Robert Belson (Verizon)
  • Level 1, Summit 201, Caesars Forum

NFX401 How Netflix is using IPv6 (Chalk Talk)

  • IPv6 provides value in numerous ways, but enabling and using IPv6 comes with a unique set of technical challenges, especially in networks with IPv4 origins. In this chalk talk, the Netflix Cloud Networking team dives deep into what makes IPv6 a viable option and the technical solutions that have been developed along the way. Attendees can engage with Netflix engineers to gain a stronger understanding of the changes needed to make IPv6 work. This chalk talk provides an in-depth understanding of how to evolve an IPv4 cloud network into a streamlined IPv6 cloud network.
  • Level 1, Forum 108, Caesars Forum

9:15 – 11:30 AM

FWM202 Build a real-time serverless application to drive fan engagement (Workshop)

  • Organizations are building real-time applications to deliver engaging user experiences. Real-time application features can be complex and time-consuming to build. With AWS AppSync, developers can use GraphQL APIs to unify real-time data access across multiple data sources to engage millions of end users, with built-in caches to improve performance, subscriptions to support real-time updates, and client-side data stores that keep offline clients in sync. In this workshop, learn how to use AWS Amplify, AWS AppSync, Amazon EventBridge, and Amazon Location Service to build a serverless web application that engages fans at large events, from music to sports, with real-time chat features and location-based notifications.
  • Level 2, Venetian B, Venetian

10:45 – 11:45 AM

GAM203 How Epic Games develops Fortnite faster with a build farm on AWS (Breakout)

  • Epic Games is a leading interactive entertainment company and provider of real-time 3D creation technology. Epic is also the creator of Fortnite—one of the world’s most popular games, with over 350 million accounts. In this session, learn how with the help of AWS, Fortnite entertains players around the world, years after its initial release in 2017. By migrating its internal build farm from on-premises to AWS services, including Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3, Epic drastically improved development iteration times and its rapid release cycle to continually deliver fresh content to players.
  • Level 1, Alliance 312, Caesars Forum

11:30 AM – 12:30 PM

NET320 Observability with Amazon CloudFront and AWS WAF (Chalk Talk)

  • Join this chalk talk to learn about features and best practices to consider when building observability into AWS WAF and Amazon CloudFront. Explore the pros and cons of different logging pipelines, key metrics to monitor in CloudWatch, and a tool available for data analysis.
  • Level 1, Palmer 2, Wynn

TLC201 Reinventing communications together (Breakout Session)

  • AWS is helping communications service providers (CSPs) reinvent communications. CSPs are building secure and scalable software-driven networks, simplifying operations, and reimagining the customer experience to accelerate innovations that will unlock tomorrow’s growth and monetize 5G. In this session, learn how AWS accelerates business value in multiple use cases, working with industry-leading CSPs and an extensive network of AWS Partners to build and orchestrate cloud-native 5G networks, transform business operations, manage data to personalize AI/ML interactions, and accelerate innovation for enterprise transformation.
  • Level 4, Lando 4202, Venetian

12:15 – 1:15 PM

STG204 Data archiving and digital preservation solutions with AWS (Breakout)

  • Learn how to manage long-term data archiving and digital asset preservation needs with AWS. This session details compliance use cases requiring write-once-read-many (WORM) protection. It also discusses AWS methods for data validation and fixity checking that help ensure your data is available when you need it by using Amazon S3 Glacier and S3 Glacier Deep Archive.
  • Level 4, Delfino 4006, Venetian

1:00 – 2:00 PM

MDS202 A new reality for content production (Breakout)

  • The world of content production in media and entertainment is evolving quickly. Studios have to find new ways for staff to work remotely while keeping pace with unprecedented audience demand for premium content. From on-set production to post-production, creative people are pushing technology and challenging traditional models to find new ways to deliver entertainment content while maintaining, or increasing, project quality. Learn how AWS is innovating with new services and by working with partners to help creative customers like Pop Family Entertainment navigate remote work and achieve the scale they require to deliver projects faster than ever before.
  • Level 1, Summit 214, Caesars Forum

ENT317-S Data management: The good, the bad, and the ugly (sponsored by Databricks) (Breakout)

  • Could this be the end of the 2 a.m. page? Can the data lake be reliable? Is it possible to do BI on live data at scale? In this session, learn how Databricks helps data engineers sleep at night and data architects deliver a simpler and more modern data platform, creating a foundation for data pipelines to serve the entire organization—from business analysts to data scientists. Discover how Databricks simplifies data management on top of your Amazon S3 data lake through a lake house architecture—from data processing with ETL to data governance and analytics. Code as Databricks notebooks will be provided. Databricks, an AWS Partner brings this presentation to you. Speakers: Jason Pohl (Databricks), Amit Kara (Databricks), and Mary Golembiewski (Northwestern Mutual)
  • Level 3, Murano 3306, Venetian

2:30 – 3:30 PM

MDS303 Build metadata-rich media libraries with machine learning (Chalk Talk)

  • Want to increase the value of your archive, and supercharge your content discoverability and monetization? This chalk talk covers how to generate and make searchable, detailed metadata for large content catalogs (such as images, video and audio files, and documents) using computer vision, speech to text, and natural language processing. It also details common challenges when integrating this data into different systems and discusses the use cases for accurate content metadata, such as moderation, localization, editing, search, and ad optimization.
  • Level 1, Forum 104, Caesars Forum

FWM302-R2 Deep dive on authorization and data with AWS Amplify (Chalk Talk)

  • Developers use AWS Amplify to quickly build full-stack mobile and web applications on AWS, with the flexibility to take advantage of the breadth and depth of AWS as their application evolves. This chalk talk details how virtually everything works in Amplify’s authorization and data categories. Topics will range from authentication and authorization to tokens, signatures, access control mechanisms, GraphQL queries, mutations, subscriptions, and data access patterns. The chalk talk covers details on the basics as well as theory and customizations.
  • Level 1, La Tache 1, Wynn

3:15 – 5:30 PM

GAM305 Develop, build, and test iOS games on Amazon EC2 Mac instances (Workshop)

  • Break free from the restrictions of on-premises hardware and extend the flexibility, scalability, and cost benefits of AWS to iOS game development. In this workshop, walk through the steps to run your build pipeline in the cloud using Amazon EC2 Mac instances and EC2 Linux Spot Instances. Learn how to reduce the time and resources previously spent building and maintaining on-premises macOS environments. Focus entirely on the fun stuff by using AWS to provision and access macOS environments within minutes, reduce costs, and improve scalability and performance to develop, build, test, analyze, and improve iOS games.
  • Level 2, Venetian B, Venetian

4:00 – 5:00 PM

ANT314-R2 Process streaming data using Amazon MSK & Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics (Chalk Talk)

  • As data streaming architectures develop, it’s vital to continuously improve your streaming data pipelines and take advantage of new features and updates to streaming services. With fully managed Apache Kafka and Apache Flink services, AWS makes it easy for developers to run streaming applications without managing infrastructure. In this chalk talk, learn how to use Amazon MSK, Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics for Apache Flink, and AWS Lambda to build serverless streaming data pipelines. Discover best practices for application operations and reliability, and see how AWS managed services can help you avoid potential challenges.
  • Level 1, Summit 217, Caesars Forum

4:45-5:45 PM

GAM304 Global game servers with compute, containers, and Amazon GameLift (Chalk Talk)

  • Long player wait times and unstable game sessions can make even the most entertaining games unplayable. In this chalk talk, learn how to route players into game sessions faster and more efficiently and deliver seamless, low-latency experiences to gamers, wherever and however they choose to play. Explore different architectures to help you find the perfect networking and game server solution—whether you choose to gain granular control over processors, storage, and networking with Amazon EC2, run containerized microservices with Amazon ECS, or let Amazon GameLift handle the heavy lifting of deploying and managing dedicated game servers.
  • Level 1, Forum 115, Caesars Forum

MDS205 PGA Tour: Rapidly innovating a ROARing crowd experience with AWS (sponsored by Presidio) (Breakout Session)

  • In this session, learn how PGA Tour took a conceptual idea of measuring and reporting the level of crowd roar at live golf events through a customized app, giving real-time insight into where exciting play action is happening. By using machine learning and AWS technology, they were able to rapidly turn the original idea into a functional prototype, creating a revenue-generating solution within weeks. This presentation is brought to you by Presidio, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Evan Blum (Presidio) and Ken Lovell (PGA Tour)
  • Level 1, Summit 201, Caesars Forum

5:30 – 6:30 PM

NET211-R2 Amazon CloudFront: CloudFront Functions or Lambda@Edge? (Chalk Talk)

  • Join this chalk talk to learn about two edge computing features for Amazon CloudFront: Lambda@Edge and CloudFront Functions. Ask questions about how the two options compare, explore best practices for using them, and discover how they can work together to help provide performance, security, and customization at the edge.
  • Upper Level, Bollinger, Wynn

NET323-R2 Designing secure microservice architecture to protect APIs (Chalk Talk)

  • APIs can present a risk to organizations as an access point to their application servers. In this chalk talk, review best practices for building a resilient architecture specifically for your API-driven applications. Learn practical tips for defending against DDoS attacks and securing APIs with OAuth JWT authentication. Additionally, explore reference architecture designs, IoT device risk assessment, effective API security solutions, and application-layer and bot-attack defense, including for credential-stuffing attacks.
  • Level 1, Summit 217, Caesars Forum

6:15 – 8:30 PM

STG309 Integrating serverless applications with AWS storage services (Workshop)

  • AWS Lambda is a serverless compute service that lets you run code without provisioning or managing servers. In this workshop, gain hands-on experience integrating AWS Lambda with Amazon S3 and Amazon EFS.
  • Level 1, Mouton 1, Wynn

7:00 – 8:00 PM

MDS304 Live, from the cloud: It’s production on AWS (Chalk Talk)

  • Broadcasters around the world are moving live video production to AWS. Using a combination of partner solutions and AWS services, users are optimizing the operating costs of production, testing new business models, and centralizing and automating operations, making it easier to find talent and stay focused on business goals. In this chalk talk, learn about different approaches and technologies that AWS customers and partners are using for live production in the cloud, such as the open-source AWS CDI SDK, Network Device Interface (NDI), Secure Reliable Transport (SRT), and more.
  • Level 1, Forum 104, Caesars Forum

STG205-R1 AWS storage solutions for containers and serverless applications (Breakout)

  • Modern applications have revolutionized application architecture by using containers for greater portability and/or building applications on serverless infrastructure to optimize compute resources. In this session, look at different storage services, including Amazon EFS, Amazon S3, and Amazon EBS, to help you determine which storage is the best fit for your modern applications.
  • Level 5, Palazzo A, Venetian

NET321 Accelerating access to compute endpoints (Chalk Talk)

  • Join this chalk talk to learn how you can help improve performance and availability for internet users connecting to your Amazon EC2 and container-based application endpoints with AWS Global Accelerator. Explore different routing options and bring your networking questions to the live Q&A.
  • Upper Level, Bollinger, Wynn
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Lindy Anderson

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