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How the Think Big for Small Business program helps small businesses win big contracts

Small businesses around the world deliver tremendous positive impact for public sector customers. In fact, in the US alone, 27 percent of federal contracting funds go to small businesses. At Amazon Web Services (AWS), we believe in the accessibility and value of the cloud to accelerate small- and medium-sized business growth. This is why, in March 2021, we launched the AWS Think Big for Small Business partner program.

Think Big for Small Business (TBSB) provides AWS Partners with access to AWS Partner Programs, financial incentives, and additional visibility with customers and AWS teams. Since March 2021, more than 500 partners from 41 countries have participated in the TBSB program, and have launched more than 1,200 opportunities with public sector customers. Learn how four TBSB partners supported public sector customers through their digital transformation in the TBSB program.

Hunter Strategy strengthens sales relationships and cloud capabilities

Hunter Strategy delivers cybersecurity and digital transformation solutions that help customers backup and store data and future-proof their organizations. The TBSB program provided Hunter Strategy with access to resources from AWS marketing and strengthened their relationship with the AWS sales team. Since joining the AWS TBSB program, Hunter Strategy has won contracts with two large federal agencies. Through these contracts, Hunter Strategy is delivering agile application development services and cloud security services. Hunter Strategy has had early success developing a quick app using AWS serverless tools like AWS Lambda, Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), and Amazon API Gateway in AWS GovCloud (US) for U.S. Citizenship and Migration Services (USCIS), and supported the authorization of more than 100 cloud services for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

“The AWS Think Big for Small Business program has validated our commitment to AWS when discussing our capabilities with federal customers,” said Matthew Triner, Hunter Strategy’s founder and chief executive officer (CEO). “It has also helped validate us with the AWS sales team.”

Winyama Works with AWS Solutions Architects to develop technical solutions for customers

Winyama, an indigenous-owned AWS Partner, used TBSB resources to upskill their workforce with in-demand cloud and digital skills, and deliver AWS consulting services and solutions to new clients. With TBSB, Winyama worked with AWS account managers and solutions architects to develop technical solutions to support their customers’ business needs. One such customer, Main Roads Western Australia (MRWA), worked with Winyama to build and launch a dashboard app on AWS, using AWS Amplify. The app helps MRWA’s Road Network Operations Team visualize the current state of the road network, including congestion and critical road infrastructure. This helps equip control room operators with all the information they need to make critical decisions and quickly deliver incident response.

“With the assistance of the Think Big for Small Business program, we have the means to better meet our clients’ needs, opening up possibilities for Winyama to broaden our services to the public and commercial sectors,” said Andrew Dowding, managing director of Winyama. “TBSB gave us more confidence going to market with AWS credentials, knowing we could successfully deliver solutions for public sector clients.”

Extreme Digital Solutions differentiates offerings and gains go-to-market support

Extreme Digital Solutions (EDS) offers managed cloud computing services and professional services to many federal organizations across Brazil. By participating in the TBSB program, EDS accelerated their timeline to earn an AWS Migration Competency, and developed their go-to-market strategy to better address their government customers’ challenges. EDS has helped government agencies in Brazil achieve financial savings between 60 and 80 percent by adopting cloud first strategies and realizing cost reductions with infrastructure and platforms.

“Think Big for Small Business was essential to accelerate our skills and competitiveness,” said Jônatas Mattes, cloud and hybrid infrastructure director at EDS. “We are proud of our work supporting public sector customers, and we are ready to continue growing to serve customers. In fact, in the last 12 months, EDS has signed more than 50 contracts with federal agencies in Brazil.”

Euris Health Cloud differentiates capabilities and joins AWS Public Sector Partner Programs

Euris Health Cloud provides security and consulting services for healthcare customers with a focus on helping customers meet local health data regulations. With the TBSB program, Euris Health Cloud further differentiated their practice and validated their cloud expertise by obtaining the AWS Healthcare Competency, the AWS Life Sciences Competency, and joining the Global Security and Compliance Acceleration (GSCA) Program.

Euris Health Cloud recently supported a customer who specializes in medical artificial intelligence studies. The customer’s technology has been deployed in in 14 hospitals and research institutions in France, the UK, Greece, and the US. Euris Health Cloud enabled their customer to create “on demand” delivery of studies for clients by building a cloud environment that can set studies up in one hour versus the previous four-day timeline. Euris Health Cloud can achieve this reduced timeline while maintaining security and compliance regulations, regardless of the location.

“The TBSB program helped Euris Health Cloud accelerate our capabilities, technical expertise and business growth,” said Pierre Bessemoulin, head of health partnership at Euris Health Cloud. “Since we’ve joined the TBSB program, our customer satisfaction scores have continued to increase, and our monthly reoccurring revenue has increased by 150%.”

Become a TBSB partner or work with TBSB partners

The TBSB program’s aims to help small businesses around the world grow by providing access to AWS Partner Programs as well as technical, training, and go-to-market support that helps them better address public sector customer challenges.

To learn more about the TBSB program, how you can access these resources or how you can work with a small business, visit the program website.

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