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How AWS customer Motive optimized video cost using AWS Elemental MediaConvert

by Lokesh Angadi Pethaiah, Andy Robinson, and Prashant Tyagi This post was written in collaboration with Inderjeet Singh, vice president engineering, and Chandra Rathina, manager engineering, from the Motive team  Motive is a company that has developed a tracking and fleet management solution for trucking companies. As Motive developed its product offerings, it realized that […]

AWS Partners at IBC 2022

This year at IBC 2022, see demonstrations of AWS-enabled solutions for content production, media supply chain, broadcast, direct-to-consumer and data science & analytics featuring AWS Partners. Visit Amazon Web Services (AWS) on stand 5.C80 to experience the integrated story of how media and entertainment companies are moving their key workloads to the cloud. Content Production […]

Create broadcast-quality CTV advertising with the Imagine Communications SureFire video ad server on AWS

This blog was co-authored by Dan Murray, Product Marketing Manager, Imagine Communications, and Raul Vecchione, Senior Partner Solutions Architect, AWS. With shifting market dynamics, streaming connected TV (CTV) services are becoming increasingly ad supported. To optimize the monetization of ad-supported streaming, media companies are looking to effectively deploy and use addressable advertising solutions that facilitate […]

Optimizing Amazon IVS live-to-VOD with live input interruptions

Amazon Interactive Video Service (Amazon IVS) has launched “merge fragmented streams” as an enhancement to its Auto-Record to Amazon S3 functionality. This resiliency feature is designed to automatically consolidate multiple recordings together following interruptions to a broadcast’s input stream and address challenges posed where streamers may encounter a variety of networking conditions. In order to […]

Building a strong identity foundation: Aligning to the MovieLabs Common Security Architecture for Production (CSAP)

In the previous blog in the series, Aligning AWS security services to MovieLabs Common Security Architecture for Production (CSAP), we discussed MovieLabs, the Common Security Architecture for Production (CSAP), and how customers can begin to implement CSAP using Amazon Web Services (AWS). We focused on the three foundational concepts of CSAP: Zero Trust, Intrinsic vs […]

Securing premium live content with NAGRA NexGuard forensic watermarking on AWS

Authored by Pascal Marie, Director of Product Line Management @ NexGuard – NAGRA. The content and opinions in this post are those of the third-party author and AWS is not responsible for the content or accuracy of this post. NAGRA NexGuard Streaming is a forensic watermarking solution built on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS). […]

Transformation journeys: Creating and delivering amazing content experiences in the cloud at IBC 2022

As the worldwide demand for content continues to grow, leading broadcasters and content creators are redefining their workflows with the power of the cloud. Visit Amazon Web Services (AWS) on stand 5.C80 at IBC 2022 and join AWS special sessions at the IBC Showcase Theater on Saturday, September 10, where we’ll cover everything from broadcast to […]

AWS Partner TrackIt uses Amazon OpenSearch service to help Visual Data streamline media delivery

Television studios, movie distributors, and other entertainment companies face significant challenges with data sprawl. There might be multiple storage systems located all over the world that contain elements needed for editorials in order to meet distribution requirements, such as subtitles, language dubs, and curated video for network standards and practices. Individual companies format files differently, […]

Live content moderation using machine learning

Managing live channels requires humans to monitor streams for unexpected content. It is particularly important to detect harmful content quickly and take appropriate measures for moderation. This guide describes the steps you can take to implement an automatic solution to extract, store, analyze, and sort images from your live channel using cloud services from Amazon […]

Watch now: PAOK TV streams football matches and more on AWS

One of the top football clubs in Greece, PAOK FC has a storied legacy with an ardent fanbase topping more than 1.5 million. In addition to winning on the pitch, the club also creates and delivers original content to its fan community via PAOK TV, which is widely available across digital platforms and devices. By […]