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Proactive Patient Engagement with Infosys Digital Health Platform

By Benhur Krupa, Technical Owner – Infosys ltd
By Ashutosh Pateriya, Sr. Partner Solutions Architect – AWS

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Globally, one in every three adults suffer from chronic diseases, and in the United States it’s estimated that around 51% of adults suffer from chronic diseases. In many cases, people are suffering from two or more diseases.

With patients requiring treatment in multiple therapeutic areas, there are often many stakeholders involved in care delivery, from general physicians to specialists. The experts rely on details (a) provided by the patients during consultations in a small duration, and (b) on the medical test results.

During the treatment phase, there is no easy way to monitor patient lifestyle and prevent any life-threatening situations. There’s also a heavy reliance on self-management and monitoring by the patient.

Infosys Digital Health Platform is a connected health platform powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and designed to help patients lead a healthy life. It achieves this through regular and in-depth insights on a patient’s daily habits and streaming of vital health parameters from different connected devices. It also tracks symptoms and quality-of-life indicators.

With this information, the platform analyses data for multiple therapeutic areas and provides necessary insights. Benefits of Infosys Digital Health Platform include increased proactive patient engagement, real-time monitoring to prevent life-threating situations through alerts and notifications, and improved health conditions through reminders and interventions.

Infosys is an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner and Managed Cloud Services Provider (MSP) that enables clients to outperform the competition and stay ahead of the innovation curve. Infosys brings a combination of deep domain, advanced analytics, real-world data, and technology expertise to drive enterprise transformation and specifically help commercial teams do more with less.

How AWS Powers Infosys Digital Health Platform

Infosys Digital Health Platform is a next-generation software platform that is cloud-native and multi-channel, as it can integrate with existing patient engagement solutions. It’s software-as-a-medical-device (SaMD) that is fully-compliant in addressing FDA and EMA requirements, and provides deep insights by ingesting data from multiple devices and platforms to empower patients to self-manage their condition.


Figure 1 – Infosys Digital Health Platform overview.

Infosys Digital Health Platform is developed using multiple AWS services and open-source technologies to store, process, and analyze data, and create insights for multiple personas.

It uses event-driven architecture with a plug-and-play model for multiple service layers—data ingestion, core services, insights, persistence, data exchange, orchestration, APIs, delivery, encryption and logging, DevOps, and automation.

The platform also has infrastructure management, authentication and authorization, monitoring and dashboards, and security and compliance layers that ensures it’s hosted in a secure and compliant environment.

The diagram below shows the high-level layers, components, and services in the Infosys Digital Health Platform.


Figure 2 – Infosys Digital Health Platform architecture.

Here are the AWS services used in Infosys Digital Health Platform:

Platform Architecture

Infosys Digital Health Platform is a cloud-based, event-driven platform with microservices architecture developed using AWS services, open-source software, with DevSecOps automation. It’s secured with AWS-native security controls and other commercial tools for network, data, microservices and end-point security.


Figure 3 – Infosys Digital Health Platform modules.

Infosys Digital Health Platform has three major components:

  • Data Engine
  • Insights Engine
  • Delivery Engine

Data Engine

Data Engine is a pluggable model that ingests the patient’s clinical data, activity data, nutrition details, and healthy life details. The engine can ingest (1) streaming data, (2) batch data, (3) data through APIs, (4) EMR/EHR data from clinical systems in FHIR/HL7 format, (6) health app data, (7) medical dictionaries and ontologies, (8) medical devices and sensor data for any patient, and (9) nutrition data.

Data validation rules can be configured in the platform to validate the data ingested for its completeness and correctness. Map-reduce jobs are executed to process and store the data.

Insights Engine

Insights Engine is the heart of the Infosys Digital Health Platform, as it extracts all events and features from a patient’s data that is ingested into the platform. A patient’s time-series model is created depicting their lifestyles which can help them individually, in addition to providing important information to their doctor or caregiver and their family.

Insights Engine uses machine learning (ML) models to identify patterns from the data ingested and extracted to create insights. This includes behavior insights, retrospective insights, interventional functionalities such as insulin dosage calculation, or predicting if a patient with chronic conditions will likely go into a hypo or hyper condition.

Insights Engine has an orchestration framework to model and execute multiple process models for different therapeutic areas. It creates and aligns patients to different life care models based on their therapeutic areas, and tracks their adherence to a healthy lifestyle and medication.

The framework adds more ML models for multiple therapeutic conditions and different persona-based insights covering patients, doctors, nurses, caregivers, life sciences and pharma companies, and more.

Delivery Engine

Delivery Engine focuses on user preference management for delivering insights generated by the Insights Engine and through multiple channels. This includes scheduled or ad-hoc delivery, patient companion mobile apps, API requests, SMS/emails, streaming systems, external systems like hospital information systems, or life sciences and pharma companies.

Delivery Engine maintains the user preference of different personas, and decides whether to send all or selected insights or a summary of the insights through a preferred delivery channel or channels. It delivers insights in multiple languages using language conversion.

Other Features

Infosys Digital Health Platform is a secure and regulatory compliant platform implementing multiple security and data privacy principles. It has scripts to automate creation of infrastructure, build, unit testing, functional testing, regression testing, and deployment using CI/CD pipelines.

The platform has multiple monitoring dashboards to monitor infrastructure, application status, and measure business metrics such as the number of insights generated and insights accessed and delivered to measure the effectiveness of the platform.

For additional security, Infosys Digital Health Platform also uses commercial tools like Checkpoint Cloud Guard, Prisma Cloud, and Trend Micro for network security, container security and end-point security, respectively.

Customer Success Story

Infosys Digital Health Platform helped a leading medical devices company headquartered in the U.S. with market-leading products for diabetes, cardiovascular and restorative therapies, and minimal invasive therapies.

In the area of diabetes, the platform was able to store and analyze 100+ million hours of patient data that gets transmitted through sensor-based medical devices in real time.

With data streaming from a continuous glucose monitoring device and insulin pump, activity trackers, diet trackers, and inputs fed in by the patient on their quality-of-life parameters, the platform created multiple personalized insights for each patient and empowered them to understand their lifestyle and manage their health.

The insights helped the patients get timely alerts on their blood glucose levels and helped avoid 65% low glucose levels and 44% high glucose levels.

The platform provided actionable insights for various personas onboarded like the patients, caregivers, and physicians resulting in improved care outcomes for patients. The business reporting dashboards help life sciences and MedTech companies track patient adherence, device usage, sales, revenues, and performance of various personas based on the assigned service packages.


Infosys and AWS are collaborating to help healthcare providers rethink the patient engagement and proactive care. The Infosys Digital Health Platform enables healthcare providers to enhance patient experience through proactive patient engagement, improve self-efficacy by providing real-time monitoring preventing life-threating situations, and help improve quality of life through reminders and interventions.

Infosys Digital Health Platform is an AI-powered and regulation-compliant AWS solution that generates insights on patients’ data from multiple therapeutic areas to help them maintain a healthy life. This is achieved by providing patients with relevant and timely alerts and provides comprehensive details.

Infosys Digital Health Platform is a highly customizable solution which is already being applied for cardiac, diabetes, and spine care also.

To learn more, read this Infosys case study on how the medical device industry utilizes emerging technologies to put your data to use.


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