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How the TCS RemacX AI-Powered Customer Experience Collaboration Space Improves Your Contact Center Capabilities

By Kathirvelan G, Enterprise Architect, Product Lead, AWSBU – TCS
By Karthik Thirugnanasambandam, Sr. Partner Solutions Architect – AWS

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Financial services firms are increasingly leveraging cloud-native technologies beyond the initial value propositions of scale and cost. They are looking to transform customer and employee experiences in meaningful ways.

Cloud-based contact centers that leverage artificial intelligence (AI) for enhancing the customer experience are gaining wide acceptance. Major factors driving the growth of the conversational AI market include the increasing demand for AI-powered customer experience (CX), omnichannel capabilities, and customer self-service using chatbots.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner and Managed Cloud Services Provider (MSP) with the Amazon Connect service delivery designation. TCS RemacX is an AI-powered CX collaboration space that extends Amazon Connect’s out-of-the box capabilities.

TCS RemacX enhances Amazon Connect by providing additional social media channels that customers can use to contact agents. It provides ways for customers to get insurance quotes, for example, and assists customer with FAQs using Amazon Lex. It also supports proactive customer communication like automated reminders for payments due using Amazon Pinpoint, and video calling using Amazon Chime.

Business Overview and Challenges

In traditional call centers, the agents’ ability to provide resolution for issues faced by customers is often hampered by the agents having to access different enterprise systems to get the data customers are looking for.

Agents must search multiple knowledge base systems and can encounter stale or conflicting data, which affects their ability to provide first contact resolution to customer issues.

TCS RemacX provides AI-based search results that integrates multiple knowledge bases and provides the most relevant and accurate results to agents in real time.

Solution Overview

TCS RemacX is an intuitive cloud-based omnichannel agent CX collaboration space that’s built on top of Amazon Connect and provides call context while leveraging the power of AI for assisting agents in providing first contact resolution to customers. It provides feedback through performance insights for agents to improve their call handling capability.


Figure 1 – Key building blocks of the TCS RemacX.

TCS RemacX is comprised of:

  • Omnichannel CX collaboration: Provides a single unified interface for agents to engage with customers using voice, video, and chat across multiple social media channels like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Slack. Agents can transfer calls, create tasks, add notes to completed calls, and respond to customer voicemails from the call control panel. It provides facility for agents to initiate video calls with customers.
  • Call context aware: Provides agents with customers’ personal information, product information, their interaction with virtual agents up to the point of call transfer, and previous interactions with the call center as soon as the voice/chat lands on the agent’s panel.
  • AI-powered self-service: Leverages Amazon Kendra to integrate disparate knowledge management sources and provides accurate AI-assisted search results to agents. Enables agents to handle customer calls faster to cut down on hold times. Using AI-powered chatbots that use natural language for communication, it provides an always available self-service option to customers.
  • Performance insights: Leverages AI and machine learning (ML) to analyze call data and provide feedback to agents through overall sentiment analysis for the call, along with turn-by-turn sentiment analysis to enable agents to visualize the point at which the customer had become unhappy. Agents can use this information for improvement of their call handling skills.
  • Real-time monitoring: Provides managers with real-time alerts for issues with the call, enabling them to provide immediate corrective action. It provides managers with queue metrics and wall boards for real-time monitoring.
  • Quick configuration: Provides a quick and easy interface for administrators to perform user management, holiday calendar management, and set emergency messages.

An Illustrative Use Case for Insurance

Let’s look at one example for the TCS RemacX omnichannel experience feature.

Customers need to be able to use channels that are most conducive to getting their request fulfilled, and this is not always possible through a single channel.

Often, customers will start with one channel but find they need to move to another channel to get assistance. Systems should enable the customer seamlessly from one channel to another without making them repeat information. TCS RemacX enables this channel switching with context through its omnichannel experience.


Figure  2 – Omnichannel experience in TCS RemacX.

In this case, the customer started their journey with chat but needed to talk to a real person for personalized assistance. TCS RemacX enabled the seamless transition through its omnichannel capability, resulting in a higher degree of satisfaction for the customer without them having to repeat claims information to the agent. Furthermore, the agent was given the background and could empathize with the customer.

Solution Architecture

TCS RemacX uses AWS serverless components, and AWS Fargate is used to host the NodeJS application for social media connection. This enables the architecture to be flexible to incorporate customizations with no additional infrastructure requirement.

The high-level architecture diagram below outlines the flow of customer interaction events.


Figure 3 – High-level AWS architecture of TCS RemacX.

Here’s how the various AWS services are leverage by TCS RemacX:

  • Amazon Connect: A cloud-based contact center solution whose capabilities are extended by TCS RemacX.
  • Amazon CloudFront: This is used as a content delivery network (CDN) for hosting the TCS RemacX omnichannel agent collab space.
  • AWS Fargate: This is used for running the NodeJS application which provides integration with social media channels.
  • Amazon API Gateway: This is used for creating REST API endpoints.
  • Amazon S3: This simple storage service is used for storing call recordings, call transcripts, sentiment analysis, and knowledgebase data.
  • Amazon Lex: This machine learning services is used for building virtual agents that assist customer with self-service.
  • Amazon Kinesis and Kinesis Data Firehose: These data services are used to stream contact trace records to S3 buckets for storage.
  • Amazon Transcribe: This speech-to-text service is used to convert call recording to transcript.
  • Amazon Comprehend: This natural language processing (NLP) services is for performing sentiment analysis of the conversations.
  • Amazon Kendra: This intelligent search service is for assisting agents for AI-based knowledge search.
  • Amazon Pinpoint: This marketing communications service is used for sending emails to customers.
  • AWS Lambda: This is for serverless computations to run the business logic.
  • Amazon DynamoDB: This NoSQL key-value database used to store quick config information.
  • Amazon QuickSight: This business intelligence service is used for visualizing agents’ performance and post call analytics.
  • Amazon Chime: This is for enabling video calling and screenshare facility.
  • Amazon CloudWatch: This monitoring services is used for AWS Lambda function and contact flow logs.
  • AWS KMS: This key management services is used for encrypting customer information and call recordings.
  • AWS CloudTrail: This secure, standardized logging service is used for logging API calls.
  • Amazon GuardDuty: This security service is used for monitoring for threat, malicious activity, and unauthorized behavior.

Business Benefits

  • Supports distributed workforce.
  • Reduces average call handling time.
  • Improved agent experience through AI assist.
  • Enhanced self-service capability for customers, resulting in fewer calls handled by agents.
  • Increases Net Promoter Score (NPS) and customer retention.
  • Integrated with enterprise systems resulting in removal of data silos.
  • Feedback to agents to understand and improve their call handling skills.


TCS RemacX is an omnichannel agent collaboration space that extends the capabilities of Amazon Connect. The architecture presented by TCS helps improve customer experience by enabling agents to answer customer inquiries quickly and accurately.

TCS has a proven record of delivering industry-leading contact center solutions, with associates who are trained and certified in implementing custom Amazon Connect contact centers. Contact TCS to learn more about their experience consulting with Amazon Connect.


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