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Say Hello to 165 AWS Specialization Partners Added or Returning in January

By Derek Belt, Communications Manager – AWS Partner Network

The AWS Partner Network (APN) is a global community that leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS) technologies, programs, expertise, and tools to build solutions and provide services for customers.

The APN has more than 130,000 partners from over 200 countries, with 70% headquartered outside of the United States. Together, partners and AWS provide innovative solutions, solve technical challenges, win deals, and deliver greater customer value.

To achieve APN specializations such as AWS CompetencyAWS Service Delivery, AWS Service Ready, and AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP), organizations must undergo rigorous technical validation and assessment of their AWS solutions and practices.

NEW! AWS Service Delivery Partners

The AWS Service Delivery Program validates AWS Partners that have deep technical knowledge, experience, and proven success in delivering specific AWS services to customers.

To achieve this specialization, AWS Partners must undergo service-specific technical validation by AWS Partner Solutions Architects, including review of architecture, customer documentation, and customer case study details to ensure they follow AWS best practices for each AWS service.


Work with our newest AWS Service Delivery Partners:

Amazon API Gateway Delivery Partners

AWS CloudFormation Delivery Partners

Amazon CloudFront Delivery Partners

AWS Config Delivery Partners

Amazon Connect Delivery Partners

AWS Control Tower Delivery Partners

  • Ankercloud | EMEA | Databases; Networking; Security; Serverless; Storage
  • BigCheese | LATAM | Security
  • Dedicatted | NAMER | Containers; Databases; Migration; Networking; Security; Storage

AWS Database Migration Service Delivery Partners

Amazon DynamoDB Delivery Partners

Amazon EC2 for Windows Server Delivery Partners

Amazon ECS Delivery Partners

Amazon EKS Delivery Partners

Amazon EMR Delivery Partners

AWS Glue Delivery Partners

AWS Graviton Delivery Partners

AWS IoT Core Delivery Partners

Amazon Kinesis Delivery Partners

AWS Lambda Delivery Partners

Amazon OpenSearch Service Delivery Partners

Amazon QuickSight Delivery Partners

Amazon Redshift Delivery Partners

Amazon RDS Delivery Partners

AWS Systems Manager Delivery Partners

AWS Transfer Family Delivery Partners

AWS WAF Delivery Partners

NEW! AWS Competency Partners

To succeed with cloud adoption in today’s complex IT environment and continue to advance in the future, customers can team up with an AWS Competency Partner.

The AWS Competency Program validates and promotes AWS Partners with demonstrated technical expertise and proven customer success in specialized areas across industries, use cases, and workloads. Guidance from these skilled professionals can lead to better business and bigger results.


Team up with our newest AWS Competency Partners:

AWS Automotive Competency

  • HERE Technologies | NAMER | Supply Chain
  • Spryker | EMEA | Connected Mobility; Digital Customer Experience; Software Defined Vehicle

AWS Cloud Operations Competency

AWS Conversational AI Competency

  • asper | EMEA | Conversational AI

AWS Data and Analytics Competency

AWS DevOps Competency

AWS Financial Services Competency

AWS Government Competency

AWS Level 1 Managed Security Services Competency

  • ClearDATA | NAMER | Level 1 Managed Security Services
  • Nubity | LATAM | Level 1 Managed Security Services

AWS Machine Learning Competency

AWS Mainframe Modernization Competency

  • IBM | NAMER | Mainframe Workload

AWS Manufacturing and Industrial Software Competency

  • HCLTech | APAC | Engineering and Design
  • TilliT | APAC | Enterprise Solutions; Operational Technology; Smart Manufacturing; Sustainability

AWS Media and Entertainment Competency

  • ATEME | EMEA | Broadcast; Direct to Consumer
  • | NAMER | Archive; Media Supply Chain and Archive

AWS Microsoft Workloads Competency

AWS Migration Competency

AWS Networking Competency

  • Zeb | NAMER | Consulting Services

AWS Retail Competency

  • Contentstack | NAMER | Core Retail Business Applications; Physical, Digital, and Virtual Store

AWS Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Competency

AWS SAP Competency

AWS Security Competency

  • Deloitte | EMEA | Compliance and Privacy; Infrastructure Protection; Threat Detection and Response
  • Intuitive.Cloud | NAMER | Infrastructure Protection

AWS Small and Medium Business (SMB) Competency

AWS Storage Competency

AWS Supply Chain Competency

NEW! AWS Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

The AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP) Program validates AWS Partners with a proven track record and experience providing end-to-end AWS solutions to customers at any stage of the cloud journey, including planning and design, building and migration, operations and support, and automation and optimization.

To achieve this level of specialization, AWS MSP Partners must complete an extensive independent audit to ensure business health and technical capabilities meet a high bar, and they must maintain this status through annual audits.


Say hello to our newest AWS MSP Partners:

NEW! AWS Service Ready Products

The AWS Service Ready Program validates software products built by AWS Partners that work with specific AWS services.

To achieve this specialization, AWS Partners must undergo service-specific technical validation by AWS Partner Solutions Architects, including review of architecture, customer documentation, and customer case study details to ensure they follow AWS best practices for integrating their products with specific AWS services.


Explore our newest AWS Service Ready Products:

AWS Lambda Ready Products


More Value, Greater Profitability for AWS Partners

1158_BlogPostGIF_300x169_vFAt AWS re:Invent 2023, we announced 10 enhancements we’re rolling out across our AWS Partner programs and services to drive partners to new heights of productivity and profitability.

Our mission is to make the AWS Partner Network (APN) with AWS Marketplace your preferred route to market and empower partners to deliver differentiated value to millions of AWS customers, helping you to win more, win bigger, and win faster.

We’re aligning the AWS Partner experience—including programs, incentives, and enablement—around AWS services and the partner business models: business outcome solutions, technology solutions, managed services, services, and resell.

These enhancements provide you with more relevant and prescriptive guidance, where you need it, and in a consistent and predictable manner. Your profitability, along with helping you drive new business, is our number one goal.

In 2024, we’ll continue to ensure that AWS Marketplace and our AWS Partner programs provide demonstrated pathways to success—helping you drive greater customer value and profitability. There’s an exciting journey ahead, and we’re thrilled to be on it together!

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