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AWS Direct Connect Update & Survey

AWS Direct Connect has grown to six locations worldwide since our initial launch in August 2011. Customers are using it to work with large data sets, power applications that use real-time data feeds and build hybrid environments that integrate AWS resources with on-premise infrastructure.

We are hard at work on new locations and have several exciting features in store for 2012. We would love your help in refining our product roadmap by participating in a short AWS Direct Connect survey. We are very interested in your suggestions for additional locations. We’d also like to learn more about your use cases and new features you would like to see.

The AWS Direct Connect team is actively hiring. We need Software Development Engineers, Network Architects, and Software Development Managers.

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AWS Direct Connect – Now Available in Four Additional Locations

AWS Direct Connect lets you create a dedicated network connection between your office, data center, or colocation facility to an AWS Region. You might want to do this for privacy, to reduce your network costs, or to get a more consistent network experience than is possible across the Internet.

We launched AWS Direct Connect in US East (Northern Virginia) this past summer and we expanded it to Silicon Valley shortly thereafter.

Today we are making Direct Connect available in four more locations. Here’s the complete list of Regions and the associated data centers:

Two of the locations listed above are not in the same city as the associated AWS Region. These locations provide you with additional flexibility when connecting to AWS from those cities. 

You can initiate the Direct Connect provisioning process by simply filling out a form:

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