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SoftNAS Cloud Version 3.3 Now Available in the AWS Marketplace

The APN is fortunate to have a strong ecosystem of APN Partners that continue to iterate on their products, listening to the needs of customers to deliver products that address legitimate technical needs. SoftNAS is no exception, and the release of SoftNAS Cloud 3.3 brings several substantive improvements to the company’s popular virtual NAS platform. […]

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Deploy High Availability Architectures with the Help of APN Consulting Partners

Guest Post: Kamal Arora, AWS GSI Partner Solutions Architect (SA) When I work with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Customers and AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners, I often hear that they need to host a highly available workload that adheres to a strict X-9s of availability/uptime. Some companies look to achieve above 3-9s of availability, and we […]

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Cloud Deduplication, On-Demand: StorReduce, an APN Technology Partner

Develop. Disrupt. Repeat. Our goal is to provide our APN Partners with the services, support, and resources they need to provide their end customers with innovative value-added services and solutions on the AWS platform. We love hearing stories about the unique products our APN Technology Partners have developed that integrate with the AWS platform, and today […]

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